Bonsai Plant


Bonsai Care Guide


Most Indoor Bonsai require a brightly lit spot. A few will accept direct sunlight but because of the watering demands covered below and as you will not usually want a great deal of growth, a bright spot is almost always enough.


If you are able to, use rainwater. That said, it’s much more important to water regularly and frequently, in some cases this can (but won’t always) be daily. Be sure the entire root ball is evenly moist and not just the soil surface.

The plant needs moisture at its roots to survive. Do not let the compost dry out fully at any time. The photo on the right shows the consequences of this.

The small container combined with the large amount of leaf surface area means the plant will transpire and use the limited water available rapidly. If temperatures are very warm, humidity is low or the container is too small, the need for water will increase.

Although you may be tempted to saturate the plant or let it sit in water to compensate, don’t. As with all other houseplants too much water is just as bad as too little. A Bonsai demands that it’s owner is attentive to its watering needs and requirements.


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