Special Chocolate Gift Set



Special Truffle Chocolate Box Net:490g(e)

Metal Boxed Special Paralin Chocolate Net:250g(e)

Melodika Christmas Tiwist Chocolate Net:250g(e)

Additive and Preservative Free Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 400g(e)

Blackberry Flavored Quince Dragee 150g(e)

Special Handmade Bitter Beyoğlu Wafer 5 Pieces

Beyoğlu Chocolate with Hazelnuts in Special New Year’s Design Package 150g(e)

Beyoğlu Chocolate with Whole Pistachio in Special New Year’s Design Package 150g(e)

Mixed Chocolate Dragee in Metal Bird 300g(e)

Special Christmas Decorated Gilded Special Chocolate Vela Christmas 150g(e)

Glazed Milk Chocolate Pistachio Croquette 200g(e)

Whole Dried Strawberry Dragee 80g(e)

Cinnamon Almond Dragee 80g(e)

Caramel Almond Dragee 80g(e)



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